What Your Startup Needs To Succeed

It’s very easy to get caught up in the allure of all the available technology for businessmen in the process of launching new startups. The truth is, getting carried away by technology is not a good idea when launching startups – if need be, that can all be added in later after you’ve achieved a level of success. 

A simple computer

You may not need all the latest devices, but you do need either a laptop or desktop for the myriad business functions you’ll need to carry out. If being mobile is not really a concern, then a desktop computer would probably suit your needs just fine, and you will most likely be more comfortable using it. If you expect to be on the go a lot, and require access to all of your files and documents from various locations, a laptop is probably the way to go.

Credit card reader

Startups which involve selling products online will have to be able to accept credit cards, because you don’t want to turn away all those people who have them and prefer using them. You can either purchase a mobile version, which can be attached to your smartphone or tablet, or you can buy the traditional fixed-position large card reader, similar to the one you swipe your card through at a department store.


Smartphones have become so capable these days that it’s literally like carrying a computer in your pocket. From your smartphone, you can take notes, schedule appointments and meetings, check emails and send them, and when you’re on the road, you can navigate to any location in the country. Best of all, there’s a 99.9% chance that you already have one in your pocket, and don’t need to buy one.

Computer tablet

This is a device which may not be absolutely essential for startups, but if you have the kind of business which is based on retail transactions, it can be extremely helpful. Tablets are great for processing credit card payments, placing orders, and developing sales presentations, and can be a boon to retail startups.

Patience is better

The temptation to buy all the latest and greatest gadgets for startups is strong – but you should resist the urge. By waiting, you’ll probably find something you want on sale, after your startup is established and you can better afford it.


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