For emerging business owners in Newport Beach, CA, it is imperative to get a strong foothold in today’s economic landscape. Unfortunately, small business owners frequently do not have the capital available for growth, or to take on unusually large customer orders. This leaves Newport Beach, CA businesses seeking traditional bank loans, taking on unnecessary debt, and sending large order to their competitors. However, Acom Capital provides the best purchase order financing in California as a solution to these issues.

Purchase Order Financing Expertise

Acom Capital provides purchase order financing in order to assist Newport Beach, CA businesses with:

  • Import/Export Transactions
  • Domestic Trade Purchases
  • Letters of Credit for Trade Finance
  • Production Finance for Work in Process

Getting A Larger Market Share

With purchase order financing, small businesses in the California area can take on larger customer requests without placing a strain on regular operations. Purchase order financing provides the capital needed to position your business for growth by filling larger revenue-generating customer orders, while still being able to deliver on the smaller requests.

Whether you own an emerging startup in Newport Beach, CA or own a large company looking for further expansion, purchase order financing from Acom Capital can provide many benefits, including:

  • Increased Market Share – With purchase order financing, businesses of all sizes can focus on larger orders without having to resort to bank loans to cover the cost of production and delivery.
  • Larger Profits – By taking on larger orders, California business owners can reap the rewards of higher revenue.
  • Growth Capital – By using purchase order financing, businesses will be able to accumulate growth capital to be used for expansion, acquiring additional equipment and employees, rolling out new products and services, or anything else the business needs for continued success.
  • Timely Deliveries To Customers – Purchase order financing places an emphasis on fast deliveries, because the faster the customers get their deliveries, the faster your business can get paid.
  • Fast, Flexible Funding – Instead of waiting weeks for traditional loan applications to process, purchase order financing can be arranged quickly, so California business owners do not have to risk missing out on time-sensitive customer requests.
  • No Debt Or Equity – Acom Capital  provides the best purchase order financing in Newport Beach, CA. Our program does not place any debt on the balance sheets, nor does it require any equity to access. We provide the capital businesses need to fulfill their obligations. Once completed and delivered to the customer, and the invoice is paid in full, the financing is deducted from the final amount owed, and the remainder is delivered as revenue. There is very little risk to business owners.

Learn More About Purchase Order Financing In Newport Beach, CA

If you own a business in Newport Beach, CA and would like to carve out a larger market share, contact Acom Capital. Our team of experts will work directly with you to identify your business goals, in order to provide the purchase order financing to enable growth and success.