Leveraging Unpaid Invoices For Growth

When businesses are experiencing growing pains, many entrepreneurs seek out traditional bank loans to make the next leap in development. However, many new and small businesses do not meet the high requirements to qualify for traditional loans, and the remaining debt can actually prolong growth. In order to resolve this, many business owners are leveraging unpaid invoices to accrue the capital necessary for positive growth.

Factoring Unpaid Invoices

By using factoring services (sometimes called “AR financing”) a business can monetize unpaid invoices and convert them to growth capital quickly, rather than waiting the full aging period (usually 30 days or longer) before receiving payment from customers. Factoring allows businesses to clear up their backlog of unpaid invoices, amass the capital needed for growth, and avoid having to take out loans or resort to collection services to get the money they need.

No Debt Required

Unlike traditional bank loans, monetizing unpaid invoices does not place any debt on the balance sheets. Factoring services can be reduced down to selling receivables, rather can giving up equity or taking on debt in exchange for growth capital. There is no collateral, no credit check, and no debt involved.

Improved Cash Flow

A strain on cash flow can prevent successful growth at any pace. Regular financial obligations need to be met to keep operations functioning, capital needs to be available to cover the cost of customer orders, and there has to be some extra money for the “unforeseen” expenses. By factoring unpaid invoices, a business can get caught up on backdated customer invoices, and continue to monetize invoices as they are generated. This provides a steady and healthy cash flow, while also giving businesses a chance to accrue growth capital for new equipment, more staff, larger facilities, or anything else needed to bring the company to the next stage of development.

Start Monetizing Unpaid Invoices Today

In order to take advantage of factoring services, and get the growth capital your business needs, you need a financial partner with the capital resources to handle unpaid invoices of any size. At Biz Com Loans, we provide factoring services, as well as a number of financial solutions for growth-focused companies, without placing any debt on your balance sheets. To get the capital you need to carve out a larger market share, call our offices at 1-844-85-LOANS (1-844-855-6267).


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