Having access to the best tools and equipment can mean the difference between success and failure for Newport Beach, CA business owners. Unfortunately, purchasing equipment can come with a very cost-prohibitive price tag. This forces many business owners to seek out bank loans, which places debt on the balance sheets, just to cover the cost of purchasing equipment. Fortunately, Acom Capital offers options for Newport Beach, CA business owners to get the tools and equipment they need, without taking on a huge financial burden in the process.

Bank Loans Are Not A Perfect Solution

When a business is in need of capital to acquire new equipment, many Newport Beach, CA entrepreneurs take out traditional bank loans to cover the cost. Banks, however, have very high access requirements, which prohibits small businesses and startups from getting what they need. Additionally, the debt from bank loans can remain on the balance sheets for years. This prevents many businesses from getting funding later on down the road, when it is time to upgrade equipment.

The Advantages Of Equipment Leasing In Newport Beach, CA

Equipment leasing from Acom Capital provides a wide range of options and benefits to Newport Beach, CA business owners, such as:

  • Upgrades – Perhaps the biggest benefit is the ability to upgrade equipment as new models come onto the market. Instead of selling old equipment at a fraction of the initial price and covering the difference in cost with bank loans, business owners can simply upgrade. This is particularly advantageous for IT, healthcare, manufacturing, and similar businesses that use specialized equipment and tools which see regular industry-specific improvements every year.
  • Cost – Payment on leased equipment is typically lower than the monthly installments on a financing package through traditional vendors. Leasing agreements from Acom Capital also have fixed interest rates, which negates the varying rates that are “subject to change” from standard financing agreements.
  • Flexibility – Newport Beach, CA business owners can preserve their business ratings by leasing equipment from Acom Capital . Our leasing program eliminates the need to take on debt through loans in order to access the equipment they need. This means entrepreneurs retain their purchasing power, and have the ability to take on additional financing for larger projects and business growth. Acom Capital also offers a sale leaseback program for businesses in need of short-term capital. We will “buy” equipment own by a business in exchange for capital, and then lease it back a manageable monthly price. This gives businesses the financing they need, while retaining access to the equipment to fill customer orders.
  • Tax Benefits – The IRS has made provisions for businesses that lease equipment. All payments made on equipment leasing agreements can claim the installments as deductibles. This can give Newport Beach, CA business owners up to $500,000 in savings, annually.

Types Of Equipment

Acom Capital provides equipment to Newport Beach, CA industries, including:

  • Manufacturing
  • Medical equipment
  • Construction
  • Office equipment
  • Delivery, transportation, and other vehicles
  • Computer servers and specialized IT equipment
  • Food packaging and processing
  • Industrial kitchen appliances for restaurants and hotels
  • Automotive repair equipment
  • More

Contact Acom Capital

If you own a business in Newport Beach, CA and need equipment – but would like to avoid taking on additional debt – contact the experts at Acom Capital . We specialize in providing equipment leasing in Newport Beach, CA. We are committed to providing the best equipment to all industries, at the most competitive rates.