How Business Can Give Back To Charities

Today’s consumer wants to shop their values. This means they actively seek out businesses which are doing good in the community. A business owner should be aware of local charities that need help, and you should find a way to share your success with others. How do you do this? The first step is to identify what percentage of your profits you want to give. You went into business to earn a profit, and you should be a good steward of your finances. Knowing what you have to give each year keeps you from giving everything away. You could put a percentage on that figure, say five percent of your profits, or you could just put aside a dollar amount.

But There’s So Many Worthy Causes

Choosing the right charities can be difficult, just because there are so many needs in the community. Most people have one or two causes that are very special to them. Whether it’s breast cancer awareness, pet adoptions, or schools, just pick one and go with it. Alternatively, your business could have a committee that makes the determinations. Maybe let your team members choose one charity each month to support. You may also have organizations seek your business out. Once you start looking for opportunities to give back, you’ll find a lot.

Use Your Charitable Giving

It’s seems a little selfish to give to a charity and expect marketing, but corporate sponsorship is a great way to get your business name out in the community. It’s a branding opportunity that you should be taking advantage of. Maybe your business doesn’t have the profits to give a lot of money right now. Don’t think that every charity is simply looking for dollars. Give your staff an afternoon off to work with a nonprofit organization. Partner with a nonprofit to find ways you can help without giving a check. Sharing is caring, but for businesses, it can make all the difference to your image.


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