Big Ways Your Small Business Can Stand Out

The number of small businesses in the United States is staggering: According to, in 2013 there were nearly 28 million of them. With numbers like that, figuring out how to make your small business stand out can seem daunting. But don’t fear–there are still several things you can do to separate your company from the crowd.

Develop a Unique Pull

What can customers get from your small business that they can’t from another company? That’s one question small business owners should constantly ask themselves. Some ways to set your business apart are to offer absolutely killer customer service, noticeably lower prices than your competitors, or a wholly unique product.

Learn from Your Competitors

Don’t view your competition as just “the other guys.” Instead, treat them as a learning resource. Does a company do something incredibly well? Try to emulate it with a fresh spin. Are you noticing lots of complaints about a company in a particular area? Avoid making that mistake with your own small business. According to, tools like Google Alerts and consumer review websites can provide information on what is and isn’t working for particular businesses.

Focus on the Customer

A small business more or less has control over what it sells, the prices it charges, and the hours it’s open. Those are important things to get right, but one item is possibly even more important: good customer service. In fact, one consulting firm predicted customer satisfaction will soon become a business’s biggest brand differentiator.

Use Custom Software

One final tool a small business can use to stand out is customized software. It literally makes your business more unique: No one else will have it, and it will be designed specifically for your employees’ and/or customers’ needs. When picking a custom software developer, Business News Daily advises to prioritize flexibility instead of looking at cost alone.

While there are tens of millions of small businesses in the United States, yours is still unique: No other business has your particular employees, skills, or goals. Using the tools in this article can make your small business stand out even more.


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