Be a Failure First

Everybody loves a winner. But it’s the savvy loser who has staying power in business. Every successful business owner has a string of failures behind him. Many feel the process is more appropriately called learning, not failing.

Here is a look at how to make the most of your learning and failing, moving onward to success.

Don’t Fail to Try

Accomplishing anything means starting, taking the first step. If you fail to even try, you are simply not on the success track. Unless you take action, nothing happens. Your idea dies before it is born.

Start projects and keep working on them. Some of them will grow legs, some won’t. The important thing is to keep innovating and doing. Learn while you muddle through.

Fail Fast

That doesn’t mean you have to string out the failure. Failing fast has distinct advantages. Time is the most precious commodity in business, far more scarce than money. Don’t keep your project going beyond the point of no return.

Put together a minimally viable project and get it to market. If it works, great. Keep testing it and modifying to make it more attractive to your target audience. Perfection is highly overrated. Get it out there and refine as you go.

Start Simple

Don’t get wrapped up in perfection. Map out where you want to take your business. Write down your goals, your unique selling proposition and your mission. Fine-tune them as you go.

Hang Out with Fellow Learners

Put together a support system of fellow learners. When you surround yourself with people who do and act, you are constantly motivated to keep on keeping on.

Look for mentors and advisors. Find professionals you trust like accountants and lawyers. Identify people in your field who are willing to advise newcomers. Make yourself useful to them and learn from them.

Success = Failure + Learning + Moving On

Success is an accumulation of experience, doing it wrong, refining and improving little by little. Keep taking action, learning from your results and progressing. That’s success!


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